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How to Improve Your Child's Social Skills

Social skills are a must for everyone, so it only makes sense for parents to work on these with their children from an early age. If you're looking for easy ways to start introducing these skills in your home, use these tips.

Talk About Personal Space


How to Decide If Homeschooling Is Right for Your Child

Ensuring that your child gets a quality education isn't always as easy as sending them to your nearest school. In fact, some parents may not feel confident in any of the schools around them. If this is the case, you may be considering...

How to Recover from a Low Test Score

Getting a low test score isn't what anyone hopes for and can oftentimes come as a surprise. If your child has received a lower score on a test than what they anticipated, they may be devastated. To help them move past it, use these tips.

Get to the Bottom of...


How to Stay Involved in Your Child's Academics

For students, how much a parent is involved in their education can make a huge difference in their future successes. It may not seem that important to parents, but the largely positive impact it has is well worth the effort. To stay involved in your...

Easy to Follow School Routines for Students

Students have a lot going on in a single school day, so it's easy to see how they can get overwhelmed. To help your child out and make their days just a bit less stressful, implement some routines they can easily follow.

A Bedtime Routine That Leads to...


Make the Move to a New School Less Scary

If your child is dreading being the new student at their school, the new school year may be even more daunting than ever. Your child may be feeling stressed and anxious, so do your best to feel more at ease as their first day of school approaches.



Educational Summer Activities

Summer break is fully here, but your child may already be feeling bored and restless. Luckily, there are plenty of activities you can introduce them to in order to keep them busy and even learning. Fight off the summer slide this season with these fun activities.



Useful Study Tools for Students

Education has changed quite a bit over the years. With the inclusion of technology, something as basic as studying can look completely different than what parents are used to. In many cases, tech can make studying easier and more effective. Check out these study...

SAT Prep Tips to Help Your Student Succeed

The SAT can be quite nervewracking and stressful for high school students. If your student is currently feeling a bit overwhelmed by their upcoming test day, help them prepare for the big day. Use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA to help...

How to Give Great Presentations

For students, having to prepare a presentation for their classmates can seem like an impossible task. Not only do they have to overcome their fear of public speaking, but they also have to get their information right. To help your child prepare a great...


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