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Remember when you were a child and you got sick and you didn’t want to take your medicine? Your parents tried all kinds of things to get you to do it. Math is like the medicine for some kids, and it’s your job to figure out a way for them to enjoy it. There is nothing better than involving a game or a fun activity to get your children to enjoy math. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA has enlisted some suggestions to do so.

Kitchen Math

A great activity to do together is to get into cooking. Many recipes use grams or ounces instead of spoons and cups. Children can help you do math turning those grams into cups and the other way around. The great thing is that they will see the result of what they were working on….and get to eat it too.

Grocery Math

Next time you go grocery shopping, bring your child with you. At the checkout, ask them to estimate the total of how much you’ll pay, if they get it right or are within a five dollar difference, let them pick a small prize from the store.

Simon Says

You can practice basic numbers and motor skills by playing Simon Says. Simply shout out silly instructions like: hop twice on your right leg or take 3 big steps forward and 6 tiny ones backwards. They will be counting and exercising a little bit.


If your child is an avid reader, but not a big math fan, why don’t you look for a book that combines both? There are plenty of children’s books out there with which they can learn estimation, shapes, simple additions… the possibilities are endless!

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