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There are certain basic academic skills that everybody should know in order to understand the world better. Adding, for example, can be immensely important in your child's day-to-day life. If they're still learning this crucial skill, here is how you can be of assistance.

How to Teach a Young Student to Add

Teach Them the Basis

You can't expect a child to learn to add if they don't know what adding is, or if they can't count. That's why it's very important that you make sure they know the basics before moving on to something more complicated.

Increase the Difficulty

Once your child is comfortable with counting up to 100 (for example), increase the difficulty little by little. Asking them to count in 2s or 3s can get them in the right mindset to start adding shortly there after.

Work with Quantifiable Objects

If your child is having difficulty understanding what adding is or how to do it, make use of certain objects (such as pencils, small toys, etc.). They should count how many there are. Then, you can add more and ask them to count again. This will help them understand what adding is.

Practice, Practice, Practice

As a final tip, encourage your child to practice as often as they can. To do so, you can print worksheets from the internet, and give them to your child to complete. If needed, create a reward system that can motivate them to work harder to answer the worksheets correctly.

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