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Vocabulary lessons don't have to be boring lessons of just memorizing something from the book. There are many ways you can turn a simple vocabulary class into a fun adventure. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA has some vocabulary game suggestions for you to try out.

Vocabulary Egg Hunt

Write down a word and its definition on different pieces of paper and put them inside plastic eggs. It would be a good idea to use same colored eggs for each pair.  Hide them all over the place and have your children look for them. Whoever gets the most pairs correct wins a small treat.

Vocabulary Charades

You need to write down a word and the definition on a flashcard. Your children have to act out, draw, or make a sentence that explains the definition for someone else to guess. They have a minute to guess as many as they can, then it’s the next child’s turn.

Magazine Cut-Outs

Have your children find a picture on a magazine that can describe the definition of the vocabulary words you are working with and glue it on a white piece of paper. It would be fun if they could try to build a story or a comic strip using those pictures.

Bean Bag Toss

Make a board on the floor using index cards. On each index card you should write a vocabulary word and turn it upside down. The children have to throw a bean bag and try to land it on an index card. Then, they read the word and they say the definition or use it in a sentence. Each time they say the definition correctly, they get to keep the card. The winner is the one with the most cards.

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