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During exams, it is sometimes difficult to remember all that you have studied. At times, simply reading your notes or book isn’t enough; you need new techniques and ideas to make your studying sessions more productive. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA has some ideas for you to try, just read on.


Not just pacing around the room, actually switch locations on a daily basis to study the same subject. When we change locations, we force our brain to form new associations with the same materials, this reinforces the subject and it sticks better to your brain.

Study Before Bed

Strangely enough, it is more likely that you will remember what you went over just before bed. When we are sleeping, our brain strengthens new memories, so there is a greater chance that we might remember what we studied before sleeping. Make sure you don't take your work to bed, though, as it will only make sleeping more difficult.

Speak Up

Study your notes while reading out loud. This way your brain will store the information by hearing and seeing it. Like if you studied twice!

Be a Storyteller

Turn what you are studying into a weird, funny, or interesting story. It's easier to remember a story than facts or math formulas; it makes the information more meaningful to you.

Break it Apart

There is a technique called spaced repetition, it consists in dividing the information into small blocks a reviewing them consistently. Once you are sure you got one, you move on to another block. This way you don't have to memorize the whole thing in one sitting.

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