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When you think of art, you think of famous artists like Mozart or Van Gogh; you think of extremely talented people. It's probable that you consider that art is not for you. However, you should know that art is for everyone, no matter how talented you may or may not be. That's why, today The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA brings you some ideas as to why you should consider enrolling your child in an arts program. Whenever you engage in a complex or new activity, your brain starts creating new connections between brain cells. This ability is called neuroplasticity or brain plasticity. Children who have musical training do better in math, language, and reading. Children involved in other arts have a higher IQ and are more attentive. Any artistic practice increases the blood flow in the brain and enhances its plasticity. Scientists think that intelligence does not depend on the size of the brain, but on the amount of cell connections, so we can say that making art makes you smarter. It is a proven fact that children that study art develop critical thinking, verbal and reading skills much quicker than those who don’t. Why is this? By studying or creating a picture they do more than that; they are studying the message behind the picture. Afterwards, they may discuss what they saw on the picture and this is where the thought process brings bigger gain to education. Art shouldn’t just be a hobby, it has so many benefits. There many professionals that are currently taking art classes in order to improve their training observation. Art allows you to see beyond, focus on the details, and be aware of things that you might not be otherwise. In some careers, like medicine, attention to detail is what makes a success or a failure. When you enroll your children in any kind of arts lessons, you aren’t just giving them a creative outlet, or an ability to create beautiful things, you are giving them the opportunity to be smarter. Even if they aren’t a musical o painting prodigy, art is for everyone who is willing to try it.

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