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Reading is one of the most important skills your children will need in school - it will help them understand the meaning of a text and make inferences, a skill required to fulfill academic tasks. Having a solid reading foundation is the first step toward academic success; that’s why The Tutoring Center in Whittier would like to share some ideas that can be helpful in engaging your children in this wonderful activity. 


You can find thousands of reading options in your local library, from classics to children’s books. Allow your children to walk through the aisles and choose the books that suit their interests and hobbies. You can also ask your local librarian for recommendations and about upcoming events, where your children can meet fellow readers.

Lead by Example

If you want your children to discover the joys of reading, you will have to set an example. Enjoy a book in front of them or, even better, read them aloud as this will help them engage with stories. Create a reading space in your home including a lamp and a comfortable chair. Don’t keep your books high up on bookshelves, put them in reachable places to trigger the curiosity of your children. 


Reluctance may be a problem, however you should never nag your children as this will only make your children dislike this activity. Try to understand the cause of this problem. Most of the time difficulties while reading are the main cause for this behavior.  

Reading brings many other benefits like expanding vocabulary, boosting cognitive skills like memory, or even relaxing after a long day, hence the importance of instilling this ability in your children from a young age.  

Remember that if your children are struggling with reading or other academic areas, The Tutoring Center can assist you. We acknowledge that each of our students is unique, therefore we offer a free diagnostic assessment to find out which areas need to be improved, plus our one-on-one instruction provided by highly skilled tutors will help your children reach their academic potential. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Whittier. Call (562) 699-0218 to find out more.

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