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We recently offered some tips on engaging your child in reading, which is one great way to engage their creative sides over the holiday season. There are a whole host of other ways to help encourage your child’s creativity while you have a little more free time, and The Tutoring Center in Whittier would like to offer a few ideas.

The importance of creativity

Creative endeavours aren’t just fun; they help foster a feeling of independence in your children and help them develop imaginative problem-solving abilities. Many child psychologists and education researchers claim that children who engage in creative activities are likely to perform better academically than those who do not.


First and foremost, provide freedom and a safe atmosphere for your child to explore their creative urges. If they feel secure and, above all, respected then they will be far more likely to throw themselves into creating something.

Most creative activities require supplies, whether that means paint and a canvas or a musical instrument. Try to provide the necessary materials for any creative pursuit your child seems interested in (although make sure they’re committed to the piano before buying a Steinway!)

Praise the process, not the results. By this we mean that it is better to offer praise when your child is really trying rather than when they produce something you see as valuable to help nurture their self-esteem. In a similar vein, offer praise when they are inquisitive; following up on curiosity is one of the major ways in which your child will learn throughout their life, so it’s important to instil a habit of enquiry if you can.

Last and by no means least, enjoy yourselves. The best way to make sure your child is engaged in the creative side of life is to make it as fun as possible. Join in with your child’s activities if they want you to as they offer wonderful opportunities for bonding and quality time.

Engaging their creative side can help your child perform well at school, but if you feel they need a little extra assistance then be sure to contact The Tutoring Center. We offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint exactly how best to help each student and tailor our support to each unique learning style. Call 562-699-0218 to organize tutoring in Whittier.


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