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Reduce the Stress Around Exams

With exams just around the corner, it makes sense that your child may be feeling some stress. To help them stay calm and get some effective studying done, teach them these tips.

Create a Study Guide

Without a study guide, it can be tough for your child to know how to organize their study sessions. It can get overwhelming and they may end up jumping from one topic to another since they won't know what to focus on. Before they start studying, remind them to create a complete study guide that they can use to keep themselves organized and on track.

Follow a Schedule

Using their study guide, your child can plan a study schedule more effectively. They can split up the different topics in their study guide between the days they have left to study. This will ensure they use their time wisely and don't lose time reviewing things that won't even be on their test.

Stay Positive

Many students can get overwhelmed by their test-taking anxiety. Do your best to help your child stay calm by reminding them that this is just one test. Their teacher will likely consider many other factors when calculating their final grade, so it's not worth collapsing over one test. In the end, this one grade won't affect the rest of their life,  but your child may need this reminder.

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