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Help Your Child Keep up in Digital Classrooms

For many students, the new school year can mean lots of changes. One of the changes students may have to adapt to is taking classes online. If this is the case in your home, use the tips below to help your child stay focused and succeed.

Get Ready Before Class

It may sound easy enough to turn on the computer and join a class in no time, but it's best to take the proper time to prepare for class. At least a half-hour before class, your child should gather the materials they'll need and get their workspace set up. If they're using a laptop, they should have this on and ready to sign into class. Remind them to keep their charger nearby just in case. Other items, like a notebook, pens, and headphones, should also be in their workspace just in case they need them during class.

Channel Energy into Something Else

Some students may have a harder time staying focused during online classes because they aren't in a classroom they're used to. If your child has a lot of energy that is causing them to lose focus, give them something to channel their energy into. Something like modeling clay or a stress ball can keep their hands moving, helping them to stay focused in class.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Not only will your child have classes online, but they may also have to complete their work online. This extended screentime can leave them feeling burned out faster. When they aren't in class, be sure they take breaks from the screen. Short breaks every hour will ensure they get time to rest their eyes and recharge.

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