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How to Encourage Your Student to Stay Academically Active During Winter Break

Although your child may be looking forward to vegging out all winter break, it's important that they stay academically active during these weeks. They don't have to have a strict academic routine that keeps them studying all day, but a few activities that keep their brain active are ideal. These tips can help your child have a productive winter break.

Make Reading Fun

Reading is a great activity that all students should include in their daily life. While some students may not be fond of reading, this may be because all of the reading they do is strictly for school. Help them develop a fondness for reading by allowing them to pick their own reading material. Take a trip to the local library and allow them to pick out items that they're interested in. Something as simple as this can completely change their opinion on reading.

Maintain School Routines

Do your best to have your child stick to their normal school routines over winter break. Having them stick to their bedtime routine is a great way to ensure they stay productive and healthy during the break. They don't have to get up as early as they do on school days, but it does help to maintain a reasonable wake-up time and morning routine. Not only will this help them stay productive during their break, it will also help them transition back to school much more easily in the new year.

Encourage Fun Activities

Allow your child to take a break from their strict academic routine this winter and encourage them to participate in fun activities. Allow them time to play video games, go to holiday parties, and just hang out. This much-deserved downtime will help them return to school refreshed and ready to learn.

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