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Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

During the summer months, parents may be concerned about the summer slide. In order to prevent the summer slide from affecting your child, you'll need to keep their mind active. To do this, check out these tips.

Create a Laboratory

Getting your child interested in science can be tricky if all you have is a textbook. Luckily, you have more than that. Use your kitchen as a laboratory and do some simple science experiments your child will love. Something as simple as mixing colors with food coloring or tie-dying clothes with vegetables can be fun, just be sure there's a science lesson that goes with it.

Practice Writing

If your child could use some help with their writing and spelling skills, find ways to make this practice fun. Rather than depending on worksheets, take your lessons outside. Use sidewalk chalk and practice spelling or writing letters on the concrete. Let your child have fun with it so that they enjoy the lesson.

Do Some Reading

Reading is the perfect summer activity, but you may have a hard time finding a way to get your child excited about it. Host a friendly reading competition to get them eager to compete. Keep a chart of how many books each person has read to keep the competitiveness going. At the end of the summer, have some incentives ready to celebrate everyone's participation.

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