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How to Get Your Child to Practice Math This Summer

Math tends to be the most difficult subject for students to enjoy because it can be quite challenging. Even though your child may not love practicing math, it's important that they give it some attention over the summer so that they don't lose the skills they've worked so hard to gain. Use these tips to encourage math practice this summer break.

Math on the Go

Use outings to encourage your child to practice different math skills. For example, when going back to school shopping, have your child calculate the total of the items you're purchasing. Have them figure out how much items are after discounts are applied and how much you're saving. If you're going out to eat, give them a budget that your whole party has to stay under. Ask your child to figure out how much each person can spend and then have them point out items on the menu that fall within each person's budget.

Travel with Math

If your family is heading out on a vacation, this is no excuse to leave math behind. In fact, there are many ways to practice math skills as you travel. If you're going out of the country, have your child figure out currency exchange rates and how much items and meals are worth in dollars. You can also put your child in charge of the itinerary to help them practice time telling and distances.

Look for Online Resources

For lazy days at home, look for online resources that encourage math practice. Look for apps that are fun but also educational and attractive to children. You can also find plenty of printable worksheets online to keep on hand for when your child is bored. Search for worksheets that are focused on your child's math level. If you're not sure what to look for, contact your child's teacher.

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