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Get Your Child Interested in Writing

Many students say they don't enjoy writing, but this may just be because they only write for school assignments. Show your child different types of writing and encourage them to try out new forms of it using these tips.

Get Their Imagination Going

If your child is staring at a blank page, help them get the inspiration they need to get started. Show them a random image and have them use this to get their imagination going. They can write about what the image makes them feel or take it in another direction by writing a creative story that involves whatever is going on in the image.

Have Them Persuade You

It's not uncommon for students to ask their parents for new gadgets, clothes, or toys. The next time your child asks for something, have them write you a persuasive letter to convince you to get them what they want. This is a great way to have them practice their writing with persuasive essays without it being about an academic matter.

Encourage Free Writing

Finally, encourage your child to write about anything and everything in their journal. Let them know that no one will read their journal, so they're free to write about anything they want without fear of judgment. This writing also won't be corrected or graded to be as open as they wish.

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