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How to Motivate Your Child to Complete Their Homework

Completing homework can often be a struggle for children. If your notice your child is having a hard time with their assignments, The Tutoring Center in Whittier has some tips that can help.

Create a Learning Environment

If your child has a tough time settling down after school to do homework, you might need to make some changes to the environment at home. Start by creating a predictable after school routine to help your child settle into homework time. Designate a homework area where they will have the tools necessary to complete homework along with the right environment. If you notice your child has difficulties with time management or organization, teach them tips that will help them eliminate these issues. You can also set the right example by following your own tips.

Use the Right Words

After a long day at school, most students don't really look forward to doing more academic work. You can try eliminating certain words that make your child feel like they aren't getting a break from it all. Instead of having homework time, try having study time every day. This will put less pressure on them and will encourage them to study or review notes even on days when they don't have homework. Remember to keep your cool even when your child is refusing to do their homework. By getting angry or yelling they will associate homework with negative situations and punishments.

Provide the Right Help

Your child may refuse to do their homework because they don't understand it. You can help by providing assistance when it's needed. Remember that you shouldn't complete their homework for them, but rather help encourage them. Ask your child what parts they do understand and highlight the positives. You can also look for outside assistance like after school tutoring.

Tutoring in Whittier

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