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Choosing a College Major

If your child will be starting college soon, they may be facing a tough decision: choosing a college major. This choice shouldn't be causing them tons of stress, so if you notice it is, you can step in and help. These simple tips can help you make this choice easier.

Map out Interests

A great way to help your child start narrowing down their choices is by talking about their interests. Ask your child to make a list of the things they like and then see how these can lead to a career or major. For example, if your child is interested in art, studying something like art history can be a great option. Look into what careers a degree in art history can lead to and see if these are something your child would enjoy.

Get to Know Potential Careers

If your child has careers in mind that they would enjoy, do some further research on these. Look into what day-to-day life looks like for someone in these fields and what the pay rate for their work is. After doing this research, your child may narrow down their career choices further. Work backward to determine what major will help your child get closer to these career goals.

Avoid Pressuring Your Child

Finally, your child may already be feeling stressed, so avoid pressuring them further. Remind your child that entering college undeclared is an option and they will have time to pick a major even after they've already started college.

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