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Easy Ways to Prep for an Online Test

Taking a test can cause some students to get very stressed. Now that online tests are becoming more common, your student may feel even more anxious about test-taking. Since they may not have a lot of experience with this format, help them prepare and reduce their stress with these tips.

Find the Perfect Workspace

First set out to find the perfect workspace for your child's test. You should be looking for a quiet area in your home where your child will be able to focus on the test in front of them. An area that gets minimal foot traffic will be ideal. If there isn't already a desk or a table there, you'll need to move one in along with a comfortable chair. Be sure there are power outlets to plug in your child's laptop or computer and check that the wi-fi signal is strong in that area of your home.

Put It All Together

Once the workspace has been set up, complete it with the supplies your child will need for their test. This includes the computer they will be using, notebook paper for note-taking, a calculator for a math exam, etc. By having it all within reach, you can be sure your child won't have to get up to look for anything. This can lead to wasted time and getting distracted, which will not be good for their stress.

Cut out Distractions

Finally, be sure there is nothing in your child's work area that will cause them to lose focus on the test. Anything from a noisy clock to their cellphone can cause them to lose focus and not perform at their best. Clear these things out before they start working so that they're comfortable.

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