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Tips to Help You Successfully Get Through an Exam

Do your best on your next exam with these test taking strategies.

Use the Process of Elimination

If you're taking a multiple choice test, the process of elimination will help you get to the correct answer. Before answering a question, be sure to read the question and all of the answer choices thoroughly. Eliminate the options that you are sure cannot be the correct answer. This will usually leave you with one or two choices that may be correct, making it easier to choose the right answer.

Stay Calm and Focused

Staying calm during an exam will allow you to stay focused as you work your way through it. If you find that you are constantly doubting yourself or you are becoming anxious, stop and take some deep breaths. Remember that you prepared for this test and can work your way to the correct answers. If you find that you have trouble concentrating during exams in general, be sure to have a healthy breakfast the morning of your test and carry a healthy snack with you if your test is later in the day.

Read Everything Thoroughly

To ensure you understand exactly what is being asked of you, be sure to read the instructions before doing anything. If you don't understand something in the directions, ask your teacher for clarification. As you work your way through the test, read all of the questions and answer choices carefully. Some questions may be worded in a confusing manner, so be sure you understand what they are asking.

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