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Make Learning Fun With Monopoly!

When it comes to family game night, there are so many popular choices among your family. However, of all these choices, everybody always seems to enjoy playing Monopoly. If this is the sentiment in your home when it comes time for the family game night, The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA has a post on how you can turn Monopoly into a fun learning game. Here is what you will need for the task:
  • A Monopoly set (regular or themed is okay)
  • Small pieces of scrap paper or small post-its
Once you have the above items, it’s time to prepare the board.
  • Start by using the paper or the post-its to cover the properties on the board and alter their prices to odd and unfamiliar numbers. For example, if the purchase price of a property is $250, change it to $247 or $252.
  • Continue doing the same with any rent which is payable on any of the property cards you have.
  • Decide on a percentage which your student struggles to calculate and instill a rule where the person who lands on ‘Free Parking’ is allowed 10 seconds to count the money and calculate the percentage to win the percentage as a bonus.
Now that the board is all set up and ready for use, it’s time for the most important task of the game - to make your youngster The Banker! By putting your child in charge of all finances in the game and altering the prices you are providing them with a fun and interactive way to stretch their basic math skills and keep their math knowledge fresh.

Tutoring in Whittier Works

In addition to being a great game to enjoy, the above educational twist also allows you to identify any potential learning challenges. For example, if your student struggles with denominations of 7 then it can suggest a learning barrier. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA today at 562-699-0218 to book your free diagnostic consultation where a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of tutoring in Whittier and how tutoring in Whittier can help your youngster reach their learning potential.


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