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Fun Ways to Encourage Summer Writing

Even if your child is a decent writer, everyone can benefit from more practice. Use the summer months to encourage your child to develop their writing skills even further. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA has some fun ways you can get your child writing this summer.

Start a Blog

Journaling may feel like a thing of the past for students who are accustomed to using technology for everything. Instead of presenting your child with a writing journal this summer, encourage them to start a blog online. There are many microblogging web pages available for your child to choose from. Help them pick a topic for their blog as they decide what format they would like to use. Encourage your child to connect with friends through their blog as this will help them write more often. Not only will they benefit from writing practice, but they will also develop useful technology skills.

Find a Pen Pal

Pen pals may also seem like a thing of the past, but they are still a great way to encourage writing practice. Newer technology has made things a bit different when it comes to pen pals. Instead of waiting to receive letters in the mail, your child can opt to have an email pen pal. Email exchanges will be much faster, encouraging your child to write more often. You can still sign up for a traditional pen pal if you want your child to practice their penmanship along with their writing abilities.

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