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Signs of Academic Burnout

For many parents, it may be hard to understand just how their high school student is feeling. Academics are a lot more competitive now, which can lead to students feeling tons of pressure and stress. It's important for parents to keep up with their child so that they can detect the signs of burnout and help their child overcome it.

Constantly Feeling Exhausted

Students who have been feeling stress and overwhelmed for a long period of time will start to show signs of burnout. One of the most common signs of this is constant fatigue and exhaustion. This will be more than just feeling tired after a heavy night of studying. Since the stress they feel can turn into anxiety, your child may have trouble sleeping and their mind won't stop racing. This can lead to emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion that they just can't move past.

Feeling Physically Unwell

Not sleeping, not eating, and feeling constantly tense can all lead to your child feeling physically unwell. Your child may develop unhealthy habits to help them cope with the stress they're feeling, which can result in them getting sick more often. They may also complain about body aches as a result of always being tense.

Falling Behind

No matter how much work your child tries to do, they may start to fall behind. They won't be able to focus and they may have a hard time simply starting assignments because they feel so overwhelmed. Over time, they may just give up and not even try anymore. Rather than reprimanding them for staying up late or missing assignments, talk to your child about how they're feeling. If this is uncharacteristic of them, it's very likely they need help with all that they have on their plate.

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