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How to Prevent the Summer Slide From Affecting Your Child

If you've heard the term summer slide but aren't quite sure what it means, The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA can help you understand its importance and give you tips on how to prevent it.

Understand the Summer Slide

The summer slide may also be called the summer brain drain. Both of these terms refer to a summer learning loss that many children experience during their breaks from school. What happens is that while children area away from school for extended amounts of time, they start to lose the knowledge they've learned. This is most common during summer break because children tend to spend months away from school and don't participate in sufficient academic activities during these months. Students who don't read or practice other skills may lose months worth of knowledge and return to school unprepared for new material. If teachers don't have time to review the previous year's lessons, students are even more at risk of falling behind their peers.

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

To prevent the summer slide, your child simply has to practice their school lessons during the summer months. To prevent your child from regressing in their reading level, it's important that they read at least 4-6 books this break. Writing is another one of the subjects where students can lose valuable knowledge and regress. Encourage your child to write over summer break by providing them with fun and engaging writing activities. To ensure your child holds onto their math lessons, find ways to incorporate math into daily activities. For more specialized help, enroll your child in summer tutoring and avoid the summer slide altogether.

Summer Tutoring in Whittier, California

To help your child avoid the summer slide, enroll them in tutoring this summer. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA can help your child stay on track through our academic programs. Call us at (562)699-0218 for more information about our tutoring programs and to schedule your free consultation.


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