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 When it comes to helping your child reach a high level of academic excellence, you’ve surely tried several traditional methods, such as giving him or her coaching on the best study tips for a big exam. However, have you considered a less traditional method of helping your child to improve in several areas of his or her academic life? Allowing your child to play a musical instrument has several potential academic benefits and today The Tutoring Center in Whittier would like to inform you of some of them.

Even as your child is just beginning the process of learning a musical instrument, you’ll see that he or she must improve in listening skills. It’s important to be able to hear when your musical instrument is out of tune and to be able to tune it. Much less, if your child desires to learn to play music by ear, listening skills will be that much more important. Therefore, your child will begin to listen better, and yes this may only be related to music at first, but can easily be translated to other areas of life.

Next, as your child continues to grow in practice, he or she will make the connection that it is not only time spent practicing but that he or she must be organized and use the time well, in order to actually improve. The combination of time and being organized to practice something specific will be a great skill to gain. You can bring these new traits to your child’s mind and help make the connection that this can be true for other aspects of life as well.

Lastly, you can expect that your child’s math skills will improve through the course of studying an instrument. Music is math, afterall. It consists of rhythm, beat, and sometimes even has a complex formula. Your child will begin to understand this as he or she continues to practice and will likely become more intune with math, in the process.

As your child is improving in this new adventure you are likely to see some improvements quickly. However, if there is any area of your child’s academic life that you think he or she could benefit from the help of a tutor, remember The Tutoring Center is available. For tutoring in Whittier be sure to contact us at 562-699-0218.


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