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 How much technology does your child need to maximize her learning? It is up to you as a parent knowing how your child may respond to technology whether this helps or hinders her progress in preparing for school. If you believe that your child should be exposed to technology and would like to know how to use it to her benefit, then The Tutoring Center in Whittier, CA has some tips for you today.

Educational Applications

There are several educational apps you can find for your computer or tablet. Look for the ones that help introduce your child to reading in order to help develop her language skills. The more practice your child gets, in as many forms possible, the more she will be prepared for the challenges of school. You can start with games that help your child identify letters and spell words. As she progresses you can get short reading books and even entire novels for your child to enjoy.


When it comes to allowing your child to play electronic, educational games, you will be able to find a large array of options online. Many of these games that are geared toward children are task oriented. In order to move from one level to the next it is necessary to complete certain tasks such as gathering items or getting a certain amount of points. What this will do for your child is to help her understand the importance of finishing tasks. Although, at first it will only be in relation to the game, you can then help her relate it with life in general.

Improves Eye-Hand Coordination

You can expect your child to increase her eye-hand coordination while playing online games or apps. Objects often need to be moved from one area of the screen to another, and sometimes require great accuracy, depending on the level of the game. Of course stepping away from the iPad or laptop and playing catch with the ball in the backyard with your child, or even coloring can help to improve her eye-hand coordination as well, there is no harm in multiple options to practice and improve.

Tutoring in Whittier

Technology aside, if you believe your child could benefit from more assistance, helping her prepare for a certain subject or grade level, please keep in mind that The Tutoring Center is always available. Call 562-699-0218 for more information.


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