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Help Your Child Overcome Their Fear of Reading Aloud

Students who struggle with their reading skills will be less than excited about the idea of reading aloud in front of their peers. If this sounds like something your child has been struggling with, there are plenty of ways you can help them...

Tips to Make It Through the Midyear Slump

If your child has a hard time staying motivated throughout the school year, the midpoint of the year can be a real challenge. Since the newness of the school year has worn off and the end of the school year seems incredibly far away, it can be easy to...

The Importance of After School Activities

Enrolling your child in after-school activists may seem like it's all fun, but this can actually provide your child with tons of lifelong benefits. Check out some of the different benefits your child can gain in the points below.

Find a New Passion


How to Identify a Struggling Reader

Having great reading skills is a must for all students. This is because reading is needed in all subjects and for just about everything in life. If you think your child may be struggling with their reading skills and might need some extra reading support, look...

How Your Child Can Benefit From Learning a Second Language

Learning a second language comes with some obvious benefits, including expanding horizons and giving your child something to put on their resume. But, did you know there are many more benefits to picking up a second language? Learn more...

Fun and Educational Field Trips for Students

The first few weeks of summer may have been exciting for your child, but now that they've run out of things to do, they may be pretty bored. Help them beat this summer boredom by taking them on some educational and fun summer field trips. Below are...

Help Your High School Student Set Summer Goals

High school students tend to have a lot going on during the school year. From tough classes to after-school jobs, they tend to have little time to relax. Luckily, they get the summer off. Instead of having them lounge around the house all summer...

Help Your Young Learner Become a Better Writer

If your child has a tough time when it comes to writing assignments, don't get discouraged! Many young learners have a rough time trying to get their ideas onto paper. Luckily, you don't have to be a great writer yourself in order to help your child...

Why Sleep Is a Must for All Students

Sleep is important for the well being of all humans, especially when it comes to young students. To ensure your child develops healthy sleep habits, check out these tips.

How Sleep Affects Students

Students who don't get enough sleep will be more than just...

Qualities Your Child's Tutor Should Possess

In order for a tutoring session to be to be effective, you have to be sure your child and the tutor work well together. While a lot of this will depend on their personalities, you also have to take into account some of the qualities the tutor...


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