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 With summer vacation just around the corner, you’re surely already thinking about what activities to engage your child in during their time off. Keep in mind that even if they’re on a school break, you should still encourage your child to pursue some academic activities so they can keep their knowledge fresh. For instance, they can use this time to practice their grammar. If you’d like to learn a few tips on how your child can improve their grammar over the break, continue reading.

How to Practice Grammar Over the Break


Reading can be a joyous, entertaining, and educational activity that can benefit your child in a myriad of different ways. By reading over their break, they’ll be able to practice their grammar, improve on their spelling, expand their vocabulary, work their imagination, and gain more knowledge on a variety of subjects. 


Grammar is an important part of writing, so if your child needs help with this skill, they should write as much as they can to develop it further. For instance, you should encourage them to keep a journal in which they document what they do, feel or think during their summer vacation, so they can get better at it.  


Finally, if you want to ensure that your child will work on their grammar over their summer break, you can help them practice by handing them worksheets for them to complete (you can find some for their level online). Motivate them to do them while on vacation by giving them some reward if they complete them correctly. 

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