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Master Class Presentations With These Tips

If you have a big presentation coming up and aren't sure how to fully prepare for it, The Tutoring Center in Whittier can help! Follow these simple tips during your next class presentation.

Practice Your Presentation With an Audience

After doing your research and putting together your presentation, it is extremely important that you make time to practice it in front of an audience. Practicing will help you catch errors in your visual support as well as improve your retention of information. After practicing, you should be able to move fluidly through your presentation while being able to explain things should questions arise.

Be Confident in Your Work

If you're unsure about items in your presentation, it'll show as you address the class. Do sufficient research so that you can be confident that the information you are presenting is real. Smile confidently at your audience and try to feel at ease as you get through your presentation. If you must, prepare some notecards with the information you have trouble remembering, but avoid reading all of it to your audience. Don't forget to look up and make eye contact with your audience.

Keep Your Cool

A common issue with presentations is the nervousness it can cause. Keep your cool by getting enough sleep the night before, eating a healthy breakfast the day of, and getting to your class on time. As you wait for your turn to present, take deep breaths and remember that you're fully prepared to do well. Wear comfortable clothes that won't make you feel restrained and drink some water to clear your throat before starting.

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