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Reading Components Your Child Should Focus On

If your child doesn't enjoy reading, there may be a serious reason behind this. Most students enjoy reading for fun once they find a genre they like, but if your child doesn't like any type of reading, they may be having trouble with the subject. There are a number of skills that must be mastered in order for reading to be easier. Learn more about these components to identify any reading issues your child may be having.


Phonics is where students start off their reading journey. It refers to the connection between written letters and their corresponding spoken sounds. Phonetic connections are often made when a child is still quite young, but if this isn't mastered at an early age, it can turn into a problem as your child makes reading advancements. Your child may need to focus on this area and practice it more in order to feel more comfortable with reading.

Reading Comprehension

It's not enough for your child to be able to pronounce words correctly. They also have to be able to absorb information from a text as they read it. This does require a bit of multitasking, but practice can make it easier. To test your child's reading comprehension skills, ask them questions about a text's main idea and other important information.

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency requires your child to put together all of their reading skills. A fluent reader will be able to read at the correct pace while pronouncing words correctly and minding punctuation. Students who haven't mastered reading fluency will often be embarrassed to read out loud. If this sounds like your child, practice with them at home and allow them to listen to audiobooks while reading along. Listening to the correct reading of a text can help them develop their skills.

Reading Tutoring in Whittier CA

If your child is struggling with anything reading related, tutoring in Whittier can help find a solution. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA offers a number of great reading tutoring programs that can help your child improve their skills. To learn more about these programs, contact them at (562) 699-0218.


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