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Science is a pretty interesting topic for many kids in school. The different sub-topics and diversity offer a wide range of fascinating facts and experiments. Whether you prefer biology, chemistry or physics, science is always surrounding us. As the weather gets warmer and schools go on break, don’t let science go unforgotten. Here at The Tutoring Center of Whittier, we have some fun, science related activities for you and your family to enjoy this spring and summer.

The Zoo

The zoo is a great place to learn about biology. Biology is the general study of all living things. Before going, read a few books or articles explaining the different classes of animals and species within each class. At the zoo, read the information provided at each exhibit, and on the way home, have a quiz to see what new information everybody learned.

The Park

Parks are also a great place to study biology, but have even more to offer. Parks with playground equipment can be used to explain simple machines like ramps and levers. Also, you can try relating physics to different parts of the playground. The best thing to do at a park though is chemistry. Since chemical reactions can be messy sometimes, take experiments you wouldn’t do indoors to the park. Avoid using hazardous chemicals and always review proper science safety before beginning your experiments.

The Pool

When the weather is really hot and the kids want to cool down, make an educational day out of it by going to the pool. Take different items with you and review the concepts of density, buoyancy, and water displacement. Also, in addition to its potential educational value, swimming is great exercise!

Make this summer a science summer! No matter where you go, you can surely relate some aspect of it to science. If you are interested in more structured academic programs or private one-to-one instruction in Whittier, contact us today at 562-699-0218 for more information.


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