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How to Identify a Struggling Reader

Having great reading skills is a must for all students. This is because reading is needed in all subjects and for just about everything in life. If you think your child may be struggling with their reading skills and might need some extra reading support, look out for these telltale signs of a reading struggle.

Reading Comprehension Struggles

Sometimes students are able to read a text well, pronouncing words correctly, and at the right pace. However, if they aren't able to recall what the text was about or if they don't understand what they just read, they may be struggling with reading comprehension. This can be for a number of reasons, including not understanding the words they read or not being able to multitask and process the information as they read it.

Reading Fluency

Reading fluency refers to your child's ability to read a text at the right pace, pronouncing words correctly, pausing appropriately for punctuation, and reading with the correct inflection. If your child struggles with this and reads a text word by word, they might need extra help with fluency. Oftentimes, students who struggle with this will refuse to read and will avoid reading altogether.

Reading Confidence

If your child knows that they struggle with reading, they will most likely try to avoid anything that involves it. Your child may ask you to read things to them instead of doing it themselves and they may also try to avoid reading homework. If this is the case, look for a reading tutoring program that can help them improve their skills and get their confidence back.

Reading Tutoring in Whittier CA

Reading tutoring in Whittier is the perfect solution for students struggling to keep up with their classmates. The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA offers academic programs that can help your child get back to their best. Give their learning center a call at (562) 699-0218 to learn more!


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