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Becoming a great student doesn’t happen overnight; instilling the right study habits in your children is a long process. The first step is having a study space in your home that suits your children learning style. If your children currently do their homework in the kitchen, in front or the TV or any other unsuitable place, The Tutoring Center in Whittier would like to share a few useful useful ideas to change that. 

Finding the Space

Remember that every child has a unique way to respond to the stimuli around them, hence the variety of learning styles (usually auditory, visual or kinesthetic). Observe your children carefully and find out how they learn best. You can also ask their teacher for advice, and there are even online tests that can be helpful. Find a space in your home that suits their learning style and provide a sturdy desk, a comfortable chair and a lamp. 

Have a Plan!

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is a study schedule. Use a daily planner and schedule study blocks and breaks, that way your children will stay motivated and focused. Ask your children which tasks are the most difficult and prioritize them, that way you will also foster good time management skills. 


In an era of smartphones and social networks it’s very easy to get distracted, but luckily you can identify those distractions and remove them from the study space.  Standing up frequently to look for a pen, paper or any other school supply can easily divert your child’s attention, but you can avoid this by having everything they need at their work station.

Remember these simple ideas when you are creating a study space which will definitely help your children focus and create solid study habits. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing useful information to encourage your child’s creativity over the holidays. 

As a parent, you are always looking for ways to help your children when they are struggling in school, and at The Tutoring Center we can give them the extra boost they need! Our exclusive programs were designed to develop and strengthen the skills they require for great academic achievement. Think about us next time you are looking for tutoring in Whittier.

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