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With finals just around the corner, we’re sure you’re already studying and preparing by following this post on how to take on a big exam. But do you have a strategy to improve your test taking skills? If you’d like to take your tests effectively, you should read and follow the tips mentioned below.
  1. Before you do anything else with your test, write your name on it. This is a simple and obvious tip, but many students forget to do so, which may result in their test getting lost.
  2. Be sure to read everything in the test thoroughly and try to understand what’s being asked of you. If you have questions about any of the given instructions, ask your teacher to clarify. 
  3. If you don’t want to miss your chance at getting a good grade, answer appropriately. Make sure to answer everything that’s requested of you in legible letters and complete sentences. 
  4. If your test has a lot of questions that you need to get through, start answering the easier ones first. This will give you time to focus on the harder questions later on. Just remember to mark the ones you’re skipping so you can go back to them.
  5. It goes without saying, but avoid cheating! That is never the answer: you’ll only be deceiving yourself, and it’s probable that your punishment for doing it will be much harsher than getting a few questions wrong.
  6. Lastly, if you want to ensure that you do well on your test, review it before handing it in. Read everything thoroughly again, check for mistakes, and make sure that you answered every question, including the ones on the back if there are any.

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