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Mothers area always saying "Go outside, get some fresh air!" But are they right? In today's post, The Tutoring Center, Whittier CA explores the benefits of spending time outside.

The Benefits of Nature

It has now been proven that being outside does the body and mind a lot of good. By enjoying nature and being outside, you can reduce stress and increase cognitive functioning so that you are more clear-headed and less worried about the future. The closer you live to a green or wooded area, the less anxiety and depression you experience when compared to people who live far away from a green or wooded area. Other research has found that even if there aren't any green spaces nearby where you live, you can still receive body and mind benefits from exercising in green spaces that are far away. People who exercise in a natural green setting with trees and foliage feel more balanced mentally than people who exercised in gyms or other urban settings. In summary, getting outside and enjoying mother nature at it's most natural is one of the best ways to benefit your body and your mind. Are you looking for something fun to do outside? Check out this post on how to find and eat mulberries!

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