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Activities That Can Help Your Child Expand Their Vocabulary

Developing a strong vocabulary can help set a child on the right path towards being a lifelong learner. Although it is very closely linked with reading, vocabulary is so much more than that. Strong vocabulary skills will ensure that your child is able to be an effective communicator and will help them have a better understanding of the world around them. To help your child strengthen their vocabulary, use these tips.

Increase Your Own Vocabulary

As a parent, it's important that you help introduce new words into your child's world. Whether your child is young and just developing language skills or about to graduate high school, do your part by using new words in daily conversation. If your child is still young, speaking to them like an adult can help them develop better language skills. This will help expose your child to new words they can add to their arsenal. It's important that you also correct your child when they use a word incorrectly whether in writing or when speaking.

Play Word Games

There are plenty of games you can play as a family to help your child develop their vocabulary skills further. A simple example of this is the board game Scrabble. Since the game is always fun, your child won't even realize they're learning. Another option is choosing a word of the week. Once you've chosen the word, post it and its definition somewhere in your home where it is easily visible. Challenge your family to use this word as much as possible during the week.

Make Reading a Habit

One of the most helpful ways to encourage vocabulary development is through reading. This fun activity can help your child learn new words as they develop a love for reading. Make daily reading a rule for everyone in your home. Allow your family members to choose their own reading material so that the activity doesn't feel like a punishment. Have your child keep a journal where they can write down the new words they come across in their reading along with the definitions.

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