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Essay Writing Tips for All Students

All students will be asked to complete multiple essays through their academic career. Essays are a standard part of most college classes, and an essay portion is even included in the SAT. For all these reasons, it's important that your child knows what needs to be included in an effective essay.

Start with the Introduction

Your child's essays, no matter the subject, should always begin with an introduction paragraph. This paragraph is usually quite short because, like its name states, it's used to introduce the reader to the essay. This means that this paragraphs should clearly state what the essay will be about, introduce the topic, and end with a thesis statement. Your child's thesis statement will help guide them as they write the rest of the essay.

Include Some Body Paragraphs

The most common type of essay high school students will be asked to write is a five paragraph essay. These essays include three body paragraphs that are used to help strengthen or prove the thesis. Your child should assign one main idea to each paragraph that will help make their argument stronger. Have your child start each body paragraph introducing the main idea and then complete the paragraph with concrete evidence that supports it. Your child may be required to do some research in order to come up with the proper concrete evidence. Encourage them to find credible sources and remind them to cite these properly in their work and a bibliography.

Finish off with a Conclusion

Your child's essay should finish off with a concluding paragraph. This paragraph will bring your child's essay to a smooth finish. This is where they can tie up loose ends and strengthen their thesis once more. This paragraph can be kept short and to the point without much need for concrete evidence.

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